LifeDrive Rescue Boot Image

The Palm LifeDrive famously used a micro hard drive (or MicroDrive) offering an impressive 4GB storage capacity. However, with age, MicroDrives are prone to failure. A faster, more durable alternative is to replace the MicroDrive with a Compact Flash (CF) card.

For replacing working drives, see PowerDrive to backup and restore the current OS on an SD card.

For replacing a dead drive with no backup, you need this rescue boot image.

To use, download and extract the file below and run following commands on your favorite Linux distribution:

  1. dd if=table.sct of=/dev/sdc conv=notrunc
  2. dd if=rom-partition of=/dev/sdc seek=134079 bs=512

(Replace sdc with the path to your mounted CF device.)

For more details, see our complete help guide.


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1.0 lifedrive_rescue_for_crashed_MicroDrive.zip20M

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