Stella Palm

StellaPalm is an astronomical app for realistic display of star maps on Palm. It is a beta version.

The purpose is to reproduce the starry sky on Palm as precisely as possible (not the constellations). In addition, in OS 3.1, grayscale is not used, and it looks the same as before.

Basically, it is produced with the aim of practical use of astronomical observers, but even if you do not know about astronomy at all, it is possible to enjoy it as a starry sky walk like a little planetarium so that the stars are realistically studded. all the displayed celestial bodies actually exist in this universe, and if you look up at the starry sky (binoculars or telescopes even if it is impossible with the naked eye), you can see them.

Please enjoy the realistic starry sky display and virtual starry sky walk.

NOTE: Stella Palm will work only if it is installed in the device, not in your card.


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