Knight Move

Developed by 4CSoft and published by ZIO Interactive, this is a clone of an obscure series of games by the name of Culdcept. Unfortunately does not play well with 5.x devices.

From ZIO's site:

"Knight Move" is all about the stunning graphics, a variety of events with simple rules, and a combination of fighting strategies for using each card to defeat your enemy. Simple but seriously addictive! Roll the dice, buy your land, build a house on your land, and defeat the enemy with your card. Knight Move supports 10 different stages and 100 various cards. In order to survive, you'll need a unique strategy and combat card management skills. Think you got what it takes? Here's your chance.


Cracked versions provided.


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Color- cracked knightmovec.zip604K
Color/Greyscale- shareware knightmove_trial.zip1.1M

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