iSilo™ is a highly versatile document / ebook reader available on more platforms than any other reader. The supported platforms include iPhone/iPod touch, Android™, webOS™, BlackBerry® Touch, BlackBerry®, Palm OS®, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Symbian Series 60, Symbian UIQ 3, Symbian UIQ, Symbian Series 80, and Windows® CE Handheld PC handhelds, as well as for Windows® and Mac OS X computers. You can find thousands of ready-made documents downloadable immediately for reading with iSilo™ or you can create your own documents from HTML content using iSiloX. Some of the major features that will win you over to iSilo™ include:

  • High text compression in iSilo™ format documents result in a 50% to 60% decrease in size, which is about 20% better than the Palm Doc format, allowing you to store more and larger documents on your handheld.
  • Hyperlinks make it much easier to navigate through a document.
  • Images add visual richness to documents, especially photo-quality color pictures.
  • Tables allow the display of tabular data.
  • Formatted text gives style to text for controlled emphasis.

PalmOS System Requirements

The basic requirements specify the absolute minimum configuration needed to install and use the software. Additional functionality may demand further requirements as indicated.

Basic Requirements

  • Palm OS® 3.0 or later
  • 612K for application -- Additional free working memory: --- 128K for viewing documents in internal memory (256K recommended) --- 256K for viewing documents on memory expansion cards (512K recommended)

Additional Functionality Specific Requirements

  • Additional memory required for document storage.
  • VFS required for access to documents stored on memory expansion cards.
  • 22K for optional Font Silo™ component plus memory for fonts (amount depends on font file size)
  • HotSync® Manager 4.0 required for automatic installation of converted documents to memory expansion cards during HotSync®.
  • iSiloX required for creating documents utilizing maximum document presentation capabilities.
  • Tungsten™ T3 expanded screen: Download, extract the two zipped .prc files and install them to your T3. Note that these files are only for the Tungsten™ T3. Do not install them to any other device or you will need to perform a hard reset and possibly lose data.


Serial iSilo 6.05 & 6.20:



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6.20 iSilo620.zip396K

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