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This is another of TSR's Endless Quest Gamebooks. Besides stories based on DnD, they also had some based on their other systems, like "Gamma World" and "Star Frontiers", and licensed properties like "Tarzan" and "Conan"

This one of two Tarzan gamebooks. As far as I can tell, TSR didn't use this license in any other way except these two books.

Unlike most gamebooks, you do not play as a younger character or sidekick, but as a fully mature Tarzan. It follows the Tarzan of the original ERB books fairly well, and the story isn't that bad.

As a gamebook, it's fairly linear with most branches bringing you back to the main plot - so not a lot of replayability.

It's also fairly rare with a high price tag attached for the collectors out there. I had bought mine when it came out and it's been sitting on the shelf since then.

For the Kyle's Quest 2 app found elsewhere on the site.

Version 1.2 with a lot of spelling and linking errors fixed. Also included in the Windows version of the app since it seems it's hard to find lately


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