Dictionary and Encyclopedia Personal Reader (DEPReader) is dictionary software program for PDAs, included as a bonus part in the distribution package of different dictionary and reference databases. DEPReader is not a dictionary or encyclopedia itself, you need a database to run the application.

Supporting multiple dictionary databases in an exclusively compressed format, it allows you to carry your favorite dictionaries on PDA everywhere. In addition to the standard lookup function, DEPReader supports other search modes - phonetic, wildcard, error tolerance - to help you find a word or compound even when you do not know the exact spelling. One-tap lookup of words found in the dictionary definitions is provided.

DEPReader allows you to view the cross references available in the dictionary entries. When using a Bible dictionary and a Bible translation compatible with other GMPSoft’s products, DEPReader allows immediate Bible verse look-up of the verse cross references via pop-up function.

DEPReader may be personalized by customizing its layout, it allows the addition of personal user notes and bookmarks to the dictionary entries.


This zip file comes with the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (coed_dict.pdb) and the patched version of DEPReader (DEPReader V3.51.Patched.prc)

You can hotsync both files. If you have an SD card inserted, the 8MB coed_dict.pdb will automatically be placed in the root of your SD card. Otherwise it syncs to your main memory.

If installing from an SD card, just drop coed_dict.pdb in the root of the SD card and place DEPReader in /PALM/Launcher

Notes on modern usage

I prefer this to other dictinary apps purely because the COED is extrememly comprehensive. The number of words available is impressive, but it also lists etymology and root words.

Searching is exceptional as well. It has an 'Error Tolerance Search' for when you're unsure of the exact spelling of a word. 'Phoenetic Search' to search by how a word sounds. 'Crossword Search' that helps you find words with certain letters and certain lengths, super handy!


Already patched


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