Autopond is a freeware trading card game that utilizes IrDA to connect to other Palm OS devices and trade cards between them. When you first run Autopond, you're given seven cards to trade and five "goal" cards that you need to obtain from other players.

While playing, you can "Meet" players to initiate trades and see their cards and goal cards, "Trade" with them to get cards you need, "View" who you've already met and see if you've obtained a card they need, and "Spread" the game to other Palm OS devices to get additional cards.

Additional information about Autopond is available in readme.txt and Autopond FAQ.txt.

The original Autopond site is now dead, but an archive of it can be found on the Internet Archive here.


Requires a device with IrDA capability.

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1.0.6 Autopond-106.prc32K
1.0 readme.txt8.0K
1.0 Autopond_FAQ.txt4.0K

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