Also called HotPaw Basic.

From the website:

HotPaw Basic has many features including:

  • over 75 functions and 30 commands built-in

  • execution of Basic programs contained in your MemoPad

  • simple built-in dialogs for displaying results and prompting for input parameters

  • custom form creation with user definable buttons, fields and checkboxes

  • access to several standard database formats (JFile Pro, HanDBase, DB and List) instead of a proprietary format

  • sound and graphics drawing commands (including COLOR support)

  • programmable ToDo, DateBook appointment and alarm creation

  • serial port and infrared (SIR) communication

  • support for the majority of the ANSI/ISO Minimal Basic programming language standard, as well as many MSBasic(tm) functions and statements

  • support for double precision floating point arithmetic and for the MathLib transcendental function library

This will work in widescreen on the AlphaSmart Dana.

Note: Although this program's documentation states that this is a 30 day demo, I was unable to trigger the registration prompt by changing the clock, so it is most likely registered.


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