WorldWideWidgetWorks GamePad Driver

Drivers and SDK for the Palm GamePad produced by WorldWideWidgetWorks. Compatible with Palm III, Palm V (with Dock V Pro adaptor), Palm VII, IBM WorkPad PC Companion, and TRG PRO.

Features official support in the following games:

  • 9-Ball Pinball
  • Argon V
  • BiPlane Ace
  • Donkey Kung
  • Heli Rescue
  • Liberty (GameBoy Emulator)
  • Oktopus
  • MaryoBros
  • Hexxagon
  • Phire
  • Palm Games Collection
  • Evil UFOs
  • Zap! 2000

Other games with generic gamepad support may also be compatible.


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1.202 GamePad.zip8.0K
1.01 GamePad-1.01.zip8.0K
SDK GamePadDevKit.zip12K

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