Palm OS 4.1 Upgrade

Upgrade your Palm III, IIIc, IIIx, IIIxe, V, Vx, m500, or m505 to the latest supported version of Palm OS, featuring new apps, enhanced security, and more.

To determine your current OS version, navigate to Applications > Menu > "Info" > "Version". If less than 4.1, use the appropriate flash tool for your language and device model below. A compatible version of Windows is required to perform the upgrade. It is recommended to use Windows XP or older for best results. Compatibility mode may be required.

Warning: Flashing firmware may brick your device!


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III PalmIII_ENG_FlashTool.zip1008K
IIIc PalmIIIc_ENG_FlashTool.zip1004K
IIIx PalmIIIx_ENG_FlashTool.zip1008K
IIIxe PalmIIIxe_ENG_FlashTool.zip1008K
V PalmV_ENG_FlashTool.zip1008K
Vx PalmVx_ENG_FlashTool.zip1008K
m500-win PalmM500_ENG_FlashTool.zip2.3M
m500-mac PalmM500_ENG_FlashTool.sit1.3M
m505-win Palmm505_eng4_1_FlashNew.zip2.3M
m505-mac Palmm505_eng4_1_FlashNew.sit1.3M

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