I wrote TetAttack after discovering Tetris Attack on the Super Nintendo. The first version shipped at the end of 2000. I don't remember all the details except that I was charging $7 to register the app (it unlocked Stage Clear mode of play). After the events of Sept, 11 2001, I decided to donate all of the proceeds to the American Red Cross. I wish I had better records, but I remember it was a few thousand dollars in the end.


TetAttack is a puzzle game in which you rearrange panels in order to clear them. You may switch any two horizontally adjacent panels. If you place at least three identical panels in a row vertically or horizontally, they will disappear and the panels above them will fall. The game ends when the stack of panels reaches the top.


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TetAttack is compatible with all versions of the Palm Pilot, as far as I know. It also supports the GamePad and something called 5-way.


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