Sony Clie Scsi Drivers

Clie SCSI drivers needed for Windows 8/above to recognize Clie memory stick for Data import USB connection

Typically extracted Windows 7 Sony Corporation Clie memory Stick Drivers

NOTE: These are not Hot sync drivers. For that> Use the Palm Aceeca USB Drivers for WindowsDVR_WINX64 and Aceeca Palm desktop 6.2.2 installation


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1.0 NR70-70V.zip928K
1.0 NX60-70-70V.zip948K
1.0 NX73-73V-80-80V.zip1.1M
1.0 NZ90.zip1.3M
1.0 S320.zip4.0K
1.0 S360.zip4.0K
1.0 SJ22.zip980K
1.0 SJ33.zip80K
1.0 SL10-SJ20-SJ30.zip904K
1.0 T415-615.zip856K
1.0 T665.zip980K
1.0 TG50.zip1.2M
1.0 TH55.zip1.4M
1.0 TJ25-35.zip1.4M
1.0 TJ27.zip1.4M
1.0 TJ37.zip1.4M
1.0 UX40-50.zip1.1M

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