Count Six

With Count Six from Ilium Software you can track up to six running counters on your Palm PDA.

Count Six makes it easy to keep running counts of up to six things at once:

  • Exercise laps or reps
  • Soccer, baseball and other sports scores
  • Product or supply inventory
  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Interruptions
  • Event attendees
  • Birdwatching counts
  • Anything else you'd find it useful to have counts of
  • Count Six's big buttons make it easy for you to use while running, walking or greeting people. Just touch your screen with a thumb or finger. Or use your hardware buttons!

It's easy to lock, increment, decrement, reset or edit any of your counters. You can customize your counters with text, icons and/or sounds, as well as skins.

You can also copy your counter values to your PDA's clipboard, for long-term comparisons, other data analysis, or use with other programs.


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