PocketC Architect (device)

PocketC Architect is the evolution of PocketC. PocketC Architect uses the same advanced OrbC compiler and runtime developed for OrbForms Designer, with enhancements to allow it to compile classic PocketC applications. In the tradition of classic PocketC, PocketC Architect is available in both a Palm-based compiler and a Windows development environment.


  • Powerful, familiar C-like language
  • Full support for objects, inheritance, and interfaces
  • Debug language features (logging, asserts, debug-only code)
  • Rich object-based APIs
  • Support for native add-ins (custom functions and objects)
  • Automatic form resize on compatible devices
  • Compatible with projects created in OrbForms Designer
  • Compatible (with minimal effort) with PocketC source code

See GitHub page for registration code generator script.


4.1.3 PocketCArchitectDevice.zip924K

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Developer of PocketC, PocketC Architect, and OrbForms Designer.