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What is a doan? In Zen practice it is the person responsible for ringing the bells at the beginning and end of a meditation. Like a traditional doan, the PocketDoan meditation timer informs the user when to begin and end a session. It frees one from having to keep track of time, and thus allows one to more fully engage in one's practice. Even though doan is a Zen Buddhist term, this application has no particular tie to Zen. PocketDoan is quite flexible and can be adapted to many styles of meditation. It supports both single and multi-stage sessions. Each stage can be configured with it's own unique duration and end alert. A variety of alert types are also provided with varying degrees of discreetness (audio, visual, and vibration). This makes the program useful for both solo and group meditations. Additionally, PocketDoan can play .wav sound files (including voice recordings) from memory cards and flash drives. Thus it is particularly helpful in structuring guided and mantra based meditations where voice cues are central. Another aid is the the hourly chime feature, which can serve as a periodic "call to mindfulness" throughout the day. Beyond meditation, PocketDoan has a wide variety of timing uses including cooking, exercise, task management, and many others.

I hope you find PocketDoan a useful tool in your practice and daily routines.

Joseph Stadolnik


  • Single and multi-stage meditation sessions.
  • Each stage can be assigned a unique time duration and alert.
  • All stages can be viewed and configured from a single edit screen.
  • Can have more than one session (thousands actually).
  • Various audio (bells, gongs, birds, notes, etc), vibration, and LED alerts.
  • Can play .wav files (including voice recordings) from memory cards and flash drives.
  • Periodic "minder" alarms to keep one on track should one's mind stray.
  • Hourly chime (useful for staying mindful throughout the day).
  • Large screen buttons for stylus-free (finger) starting and stopping of -sessions.
  • Slowly updating analog progress wheel (inhibits "clock watching").
  • Eight volume levels (including "off", "whisper", and overdrive modes).
  • Power saving: Device and screen can turn off to conserve batteries.
  • Stages can be set to block upon completion requiring user input to move to the next stage.
  • Support for 5-way navigator and jog dial controls.
  • Runs on Windows Mobile devices using StyleTap® emulation.
  • Freeware.


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1.0 PocketDoan.prc68K
3.4.0 PocketDoan340.prc648K
3.4.0 PocketDoan_A_Meditation_Timer_v3.4.0.zip448K

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