Ever wish you could view webpages on your Palm without having to connect to the internet? Plucker is for you! Plucker is a site parser and converter, and unlike the late AvantGo still works, and is fully open source (Python)! Two versions are below, the Windows installer is older, however a nice easy-to-use GUI is included. There are also .zip files pulled directly from the "last release" of Plucker (1.8).


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Compatibility Note: The Windows GUI version seems to have issues with HTTPS, unsure if the later version has this issue as well.


VersionFileSize Win PluckerWin1.6.2.0.zip9.8M
1.8 Plucker1.8Complete.zip1.2M
1.8 lowres plucker_viewer_nonhires-1.8.zip212K
1.8 lowres translated plucker_viewer_nonhires_translations-1.8.zip1.4M

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