PicoTrak is a Palm time tracking program for designers, contract workers, lawyers, or anyone else who needs multiple-project task management. It provides portable, easy-to-use project management and project tracking.

PicoTrak automatically keeps track of the time you spend on different projects throughout the day; all you do is click to start and stop the timer. A detailed view shows the daily totals for each project, and you can check off days as they are billed. Times can be displayed in a number of different formats (hours and minutes; hours and quarters, sixths, tenths, or hundredths of an hour).


Registration information is available in the Codez4Palm database.

Use HackMe to register without changing your primary HotSync ID.


PicoTrak is compatible with all Palm devices from the Palm Pro on up, including the Palm III, Palm V, Palm m100 series, Palm m500 series, Palm i700 series, Palm Zire, Sony Clie series, Palm Tungsten series, etc. It has been tested under and is compliant with Palm OS 5.

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