The new PalmPix is the latest example of how Kodak is combining image science and information technology in innovative ways, making it easier for you to take, store and share pictures as information,'' said Willy Shih, president of Kodak's Digital and Applied Imaging group. "New, smarter personal devices, such as the PalmPix camera, are always on and ready when you are.

The new PalmPix camera was designed for enhanced portability, convenience and style,'' said Byron Connell, vice president, Product Management and Planning, at Palm Inc. "Lightweight, the new PalmPix camera folds up like a cell phone so you can take it anywhere. It's the perfect accessory for the Palm m500 series handheld.

The new camera offers SVGA resolution that captures color images at 800 x 600 pixels for printing photo-realistic pictures up to 4 x 6-inches. The new PalmPix also has an adjustable focal range with three settings: macro (4 inches), portrait (2 ft. to 12 ft.) and landscape (8 ft. to infinity), that make taking pictures of documents, flip charts or groups of people easier than ever. Images can be transferred in seconds to a personal computer via the HotSync® cradle that comes with the handheld. Once on a personal computer, the images are stored as standard JPEG or bitmap files and JPEG or PICT files for Macintosh. Images can be accessed as full-color SVGA pictures, then incorporated into presentations, emailed, or printed. The PalmPix camera also features a four-element (f2.8) glass lens that enhances picture quality and a 2X digital zoom. Until images are transferred to a computer, they can be stored in the Palm handheld's internal memory (each PalmPix image requires approximately 160KB of memory) or on Secure Digital (SD) or MultiMediaCard memory cards. The new SD and MultiMediaCard expansion slot on the Palm m500 and m505 handhelds lets users expand their handheld's memory and take a virtually unlimited number of pictures with the PalmPix camera. In addition, a new PalmPix application software feature lets you convert 320 x 240 images to JPEG files on the handheld. These files are stored on the expansion slot memory card for sharing without using Palm's HotSync® cradle.


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