PalmaryClock for Treo

Palmary Clock is a customizable alarm clock, with integrated stopwatch, world time, and many other features. Numerous skins we've developed for Palmary Clock allow you to adjust the clock design according to your wishes. You can also create a new skin by yourself. It's possible to use even your digital camera photos for skin or background creating.


  • User's skins

  • New skins with calendar

  • User's backgrounds

  • Start PalmaryClock when device is power off

  • Start an application or timer on alarm

  • Easily adjustable and intuitive alarms and timers control from the main clock screen

  • Slideshow mode

  • Personal user settings for every skin

  • Analog clock

  • Digital clock

  • Analog-digital clock

  • Customizable calendar from 1904 to 2031

  • Unlimited number of Alarms with enhanced settings

  • Unlimited number of Timers

  • Ten independent Stopwatches

  • World Map view with additional thematic maps

  • World Time with integrated World Map (500+ cities)

  • Sunrise/sunset, Internet time and Time calculator for cities or for free location

  • Moon phases view

  • MP3/WAV/OGG/WMA alarmtones support (requires PocketTunes or Aero Player) Technologies

  • Fully optimized for the new ARM based devices

  • High quality real-time alpha blending and advanced 2x antialiasing

  • Universal Skin technology

  • Fast JPEG decoding

  • Fast Skin processing: opacity, movement and rotation

  • Fast Background processing: scale and rotation

  • Intelligent "In cradle" technology

  • Fast start (no more than one second) with PalmaryClock Cache technology

  • Easily adjustable startup

Update description Version 3.2.1

  • Cycle program views by hardware buttons (next-previous)

  • Built-in volume support for all NFS devices (Tungsten T5, Treo 650, LifeDrive, etc.)

  • Minor bug fixes





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3.7 PalmaryClock_for_Treo_V3.7.zip1.3M

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