Palm III Software Update

Upgrade your Palm III, IIIc, IIIx, or IIIxe from Palm OS 3.0 up to Palm OS 3.5.3, featuring new apps, enhanced security, and more. For the latest supported version, see Palm OS 4.1 Upgrade.

To determine your current OS version, navigate to Applications > Menu > "Info" > "Version". If less than 3.5.3, use the appropriate PRC or installer below. A compatible version of Windows is required to perform installer updates. It is recommended to use Windows XP or older for best results.


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3.5.3-prc III-Installer353_enUS.zip20K
3.5.2-prc III-update352.zip4.0K
3.1.1-win III-upd311.zip12K
3.0.2-win III-upd302.zip16K

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