On Hand is a powerful tool for performing inventories using a Palm Computing platform handheld device. Inventories can be taken manually on a standard Palm OS unit, and can also be taken using the built-in barcode scanner of the standalone Symbol SPT units, and also with the Symbol CSM150 and PSC Momentum plug-in scanner modules for the Handspring Visor. The software is designed to be entirely button driven, so that a complete inventory can be taken not only without requiring knowledge of Graffiti (tm), but without even using a stylus. This allows the user to hold the device in one hand while positioning items to be inventoried with the other hand. Inventories can be taken using a catalog of items which has been downloaded into the handheld device, in which case the items will be identified by name as seen at the left, or they can be taken "from scratch," collecting barcodes (and quantities) of any items at hand. For collecting inventories without barcodes, On Hand includes Stevens Creek Software's unique IntelliScroll (tm) technology, which lets you scroll right to the item you're looking for, rather than scrolling down screen by screen. On Hand lets you take single-location inventories where you record the number of each item on hand, multi-location inventories where you have the same item stored in multiple locations, and serial number inventories where you have many copies of the same item, each with a different serial number, and you want to record information about each individual item. On Hand can also be used to perform asset tracking, recording location and serial number for items to be tracked. On Hand can also perform pick list operations, displaying a list of items to be selected and then removing them from the display once they have been scanned, leaving a display of only those items remaining to be selected.


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