Naive PalmDay Mitigation

Cosmetically changes the year displayed by the DateTemplateToAscii() function as a mitigation for the infamous PalmDay calendar limitation.

As of now, this patch only affects Palm OS >= 3.5 and < 5.

First and foremost, this is a mitigation, not a fix. It actually doesn't let Palm OS count after December 31, 2031, but using a clever trick, it shows dates after that by just adding 56 to whatever year it was previously drawing.

It also patches the SelectDay modal to tweak the max year that is possible to select.

This approach has a serious drawback though:

If you use the patch on a device that already has data, all the entries that already exists will be in the wrong year, so it's best used on a fresh device. Just disable this hack to see the 'normal' year. No harm at all using it.

Requires the use of a hack manager such as Hackmaster or X-Master.


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