GuineaPig - Multi-System Emulator

From README: "GuineaPig is an emulator system for numerous classic game consoles, for running on Palm OS (with Zodiac enhancements where available.)

SEGA Genesis, SEGA Master System and SEGA GameGear -- copyright SEGA Inc. NEC TurboGrafx -- copyright NEC. Atari VCS 2600 -- copyright Atari. Or was anyway.


1) Send GuineaPig.prc to your handheld

2) Run the application (this will do some basic error checks and create a directory on your SD card, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, or whatever. An expansion card of some sort is REQUIRED for GuineaPig.)

3) Send the .emu files over to your handheld (the ones you want, or all of them. For instance, genesis.emu is needed to run SEGA Genesis games. - I suggest using a USB Card Reader/Writer -- they're very inexpensive and fast. (I picked up one for $20USD!) - You can also use Card Export application on your handheld (to make your handheld look like a USB Card Writer to your computer), or on a Sony Clie you can use MemStick Export. There are other tools such as ReceiveIt (shareware) and numerous freeware tools to let you tell Hotsync where to send files to on your SD card during hotsync, IR beaming, etc. - .emu files, along with any ROMs, should be sent to /PALM/Programs/GuineaPig on your expansion media

4) Send over any ROM files you wish to try; note that GuineaPig will manage .smd files (Sega Genesis ROMs can also end with another extension such as .bin, but that is not managed due to conflicts with other applications.) and so you can directly Hotsync over .smd files and they'll go to the right place, though the hotsync will be slow!"

Goldfish's notes: Runs fantastic on my TX. I can't seem to be able to exit a game once I open it without resetting the device.

Feel free to test more devices! I'm active on the discord.


No registration needed, as it was released as freeware.


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