Mills Bardman (Japanese)

A Japanese graphical adventure game. Use the menu to select inspection, action and dialogue responses and solve the mystery!

NOTE: Knowledge of Japanese (or expert use of Google/DeepL Translate) is required to understand and play this game.

Miami in the 1970s. A case is brought to Mills Bardman, private detective. You become Mills Bardman and look for a single plate stolen from a jewelry store. Advance the game by selecting commands with the jog dial or stylus.

Saving is possible in three places.

A plate was used for holding gems, studded with gems. The arranged gems were not stolen, why was only the plate stolen?

Travel around various places in four cities to explore the mystery.

It features a unique view of the world labeled “Modern Adventure Games” and stylish graphics.


  • Requires 320×320 resolution
  • Claims to require OS5 but works fine on my SJ22 CLIÉ running OS4
  • Takes advantage of CLIÉ for jog dial, but stylus is also supported
  • Should work on other Hi-Res capable Palm devices
  • Japanese text display

On Western Palm OS devices you can use CJKOS or J-OS to display Japanese text.


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