LighNzip is a compression and decompression application whose capabilities and capabilities could be summarized in several points:

  • Full support for compression and decompression of files in RAM and on the card
  • Can create self-extracting archives that can be temporarily decompimated during HotSync!
  • The application can also serve as a decent file manager in RAM and on a card with basic editing skills - deletion, beaming, sorting according to several criteria
  • Supports PalmOS 3.5 - 5, HiRes and HiRes+ resolution
  • In OS5, ARM uses ZLib to speed up compression
  • The program uses a nice "corporate" design with support for colors and control via icons and a local menu
  • The application supports windows-compatible ZIP format


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2.6 LightNzip2.6.Palm.zip68K
2.6.0 lightNzip.prc152K

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