High atop a craggy cliff, guarded by an army of fierce warriors, stands the fortress of the evil warlord Akuma. Deep in the darkest dungeon of the castle, Akuma gloats over his lovely captive, the princess Mariko.

You are one trained in the way of karate: a karateka. Alone and unarmed, you must defeat Akuma and rescue the beautiful Mariko.

Put fear and self-concern behind you. Focus your will on your objective, accepting death as a possibility. This is the way of the karateka.


This version of Karateka is provided for free in full and requires no registration, courtesy of its creators.

Content is Copyright ©️2000-present, Jordan Mechner (images and data) and Bobby Kolev (code), hosted by permission. PalmDB thanks Jordan and Bobby for their generosity!


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