JPGview enables you to view JPG Image files stored on a Compact Flash Card with your TRGpro or HandEra 330.

You can use it either to simply view and modify your images made by a Digital Camera, or just store and view Images without using the internal Memory of your Handheld device.

A great advantage of JPG files is the high compression level. You can store more than 260 images in an acceptable quality with a resolution of 160x160 pixels on a small 4MB CF card!

If you are using Multimail together with the TRGpro plugin, you will like the feature to copy files into another directory or change the resolution and compression rate of a JPG. Now you can send handy pictures from your vacation to your friends or update a web-page online with a cell phone.

In addition JPGview is able to read the extended header of JPGs coming from a digital camera. It shows data like aperture, exposure, EV compensation,.... Most of the actual Digicams store also a thumbnail picture as a part of the header (160x120 pixels). JPGview is able to use this thumbnail for a quick preview.


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