Handmark Tetris Classic Game Pak for Palm & Pocket PC

Note: There were two versions of this collection, with an earlier version that included only 9 games, and a later version that added 3D Air Hockey and 3D slider. This listing is the latter version.

Tetris Classic Game Pak is a collection of 11 classic arcade games, featuring the official version of the world's most popular arcade game, Tetris.

This Game Pak includes:

  1. Tetris Classic.
  2. PocketChess
  3. Checkers
  4. Backgammon
  5. Colors
  6. PokerDice
  7. Solitaire Free: (7.) Klondike Deal 3, (8.) Demon, (9.) Baker's Game
  8. 3D Air Hockey
  9. 3D Slider

Tetris Classic

Tetris, the Perfect Puzzle game, is the world's most popular video game with over 50 million fans worldwide! It's completely addictive and deceptively simple.


Award-winning PocketChess version 1.5 is a 5-star chess program and a worthy opponent. Eight levels of difficulty provide appropriate game play for players of any level.


In this amusing variation of the classic dice game, you'll build a collection of different poker hands using special "dice" marked with playing card faces.


You'll have hours of fun as you attempt to beat your stealthy computer opponent in this authentic backgammon game.


You'll love the variety of play options and the ability to customize the intelligence and attitude of your computer opponent in this classic checkers game.


Match colors or symbols to clear out rows and quickly earn points -- with 3 exciting game play modes!

SmallWare's "Solitaire Free"

No game collection could be complete without solitaire - the game appreciated the world over as a great cure for boredom. Thanks to the folks at smallWare, Tetris Classic Game Pak includes the three different solitaire games - Klondike Deal 3, Demon and Baker's Game - from its popular "Solitaire Free".

A variety of other trial software from handmark can also be found and installed from the full CD installer.


Enter this serial when you launch each application on your Palm:

  • Tetris: 36527398
  • 3D Air Hockey: 80703221
  • 3D Slider: 99378761


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