Gamebox Classics

Gamebox Classics is a collection of six highly addictive puzzle games to keep your mind stimulated and your stylus tapping!


  • Six full games in one neat package
  • Colorful graphics spiced up with tons of visual effects
  • Very smooth game play
  • Over 20 minutes of original music and lots of fun sound effects

Games included in the collection

  • Blocks: As Captain Isak, you are stuck in your stationary sub, as you have stumbled upon an aqua block field! The only way to get past the blocks outside of your porthole, is to distintegrate them by arranging them to form solid lines as they fall down.

  • Blocks+: The Captain, continuing his journey, stumbles upon another field of blocks. However, each of these blocks are Multi-colored! Isak quickly learns that these Aqua Blocks must be disintegrated by forming lines of at least 3 of the same color in a row...

  • Snake: Jimmy the Snake is hungry, and its feeding time! There is only one problem, once Jimmy starts eating, he can't stop! He'll eat anything that gets in his way, including himself!

  • Jewel Master: Every century, the dwarves of the Melonchi Caves have to choose a new Jewel Master. The Jewel Master's job is to devise the most efficient way of mining gems. As Grwyth the Dwarf, you must prove yourself worthy of becoming the new Jewel Master!

  • Cannons: When last Saturday General Aggressive has spotted an old HE-181 Tiger at the flea-market he felt his body filling with life once again. After paying the two pounds fifty and driving it home through (and over) half the city, he challenged his neighbour, Sgt Tolerance for a friendly duel.

  • Fireball: In the year 30X7, Tom Tulkit makes his living in spaceship maintenance. His job is getting rid of space barnacles that collect outside of spaceships' hulls. These barnacles will slow down a spaceship and eventually start to eat away the hull.

As of 2008, the Palm Os port of Gamebox was made freeware by PDAMill.


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