Gamebooks - EQ28 Mystery of the Ancients

Another of TSR's Endless Quest gamebooks. This one is set in their "Gamma World" rpg, many years after an atomic war has devastated the planet, leaving ancient technology and mutants behind. Like the other EQ books I've done, its a bit linear compared to other series.

From the book;

"Ever since the Red Death cult murdered your parents in a raid, you have been responsible for your brother and sister's safety. Now your sister lies near death, and you must find some way to save her, in spite of the dangers that lie everywhere in this dangerous future world!

You must attempt to survive and prevail over the strange, new creatures that inhabit the wastelands of Earth."

Like the other gamebooks I've done, this is an adventure for the Kyle's Quest 2 engine. Please leave feedback and bug reports here in the comments.


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