Gamebooks - EQ1 Dungeon of Dread 1.0

Edit - Updated to version 1.1 with a bunch of spelling corrections.

   Added the windows' executable since it seems hard to find nowadays.
   Make sure both the program and adventure are in the same directory 
   No install needed - just run the program and hit "Choose Level"

Gamebooks were popular from the late 70's all the way into the 90s. For those unfamiliar with them, they're similar to IF games like the Infocom ones, but since they're books, your choices are more limited.

The Palm has a limited selection of Gamebook type apps, mostly from a company named "Inebooks" (webpage still looks active if you search. Some of the links are dead though.)

Some of the most well known/ popular series are "Choose Your own Adventure", "Fighting Fantasy" And "Lone Wolf". There are probably a thousand or so different books out there.

The first gamebook I bought in 1982 when it came out was the start of TSR's DnD series of "Endless Quest" books - "Dungeon of Dread"

This is the complete 1.0 conversion of the gamebook.

It is an adventure for the Kyle's Quest 2 engine found elsewhere on this site.

I'm not sure that the KQ2 minimum requirements are correct, as I've played it with a Palm 3 color rom in an emulator.

I'm looking for comments/ feedback, and general interest as I have a bunch of gamebooks and could do a lot more. Please post any bugs or typos here as well.

If you have a book you would like to see converted, comment below. I'm also looking for some missing books, so if you have any you'd like to scan, contact me also.


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