Gamebook - FYF05 - Cup of the Vampire

Another gamebook. The main Find Your Fate series had 15 books in it, mainly original stories featuring Indiana Jones, but with a few James Bond adventures thrown in the middle.

The fifth novel, "Indiana Jones and the Cup of the Vampire" turned out to be a lot of fun with three different plots in it, with little overlap.

Description from the book;

"Dracula! The very name conjures up visions of evil, of strangeness, of mystery. Now you and Indiana Jones are off on a dazzling adventure to look for the priceless goblet buried with the remains of the legendary Prince.
Your quest is vitally important, for it is said whoever drinks from this goblet will possess eternal life. You don't want such power to fall into the wrong hands. Good luck, and be careful."

Once again, an adventure for the Kyle's Quest 2 engine - the Windows version of the app is included. The Palm version is found on this site.


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