Eudora Eis

With Eudora email for the Palm Computing® platform, you can send and receive email from your Palm OS™ personal digital assistant. Advanced features give you all you'd expect from powerful email software without the need to carry a laptop computer. Eudora® supports POP3 and SMTP for sending and receiving email.

The Eudora Internet Suite consists of the Eudora email client, and EudoraWeb browser. While originally being bundled with the desktop version of Eudora, it was made available separately as shareware, then freeware.

The "extras" zip contains the Windows and Mac installers, and conduits for respective versions of Palm Desktop.


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2.1 EudoraWeb_2.1.zip292K
2.1 EIS_2.1.pdf1.4M
2.1 EIS_2.1_extras.zip2.5M

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old tech never dies, it just turns retro.

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