Dana Digitizer-Free

This collection of utilities allows an AlphaSmart Dana to be used without a digitizer installed.

To use:

  • Unzip archive to an SD card.
  • Insert the card into slot 1 after a hard reset to bypass the digitizer calibration.
  • Run the "MyInstall" app from the SD card to copy PointerHack and YAHM to the Dana.
  • Run the "YAHM" app and choose "OK" to activate the hacks.


  • Press the backslash key "\" to show the pointer. Move it using the arrow keys (or using fine-tuned movement noted in the PointerHack README) over the "+" control for PointerHack and press SPACE to tap the control.
  • Select the "Tune" button (using the pointer or FUNCTION-TAB and FUNCTION-ENTER) to fine-tune PointerHack to your Dana's screen. You can also change the activation key if you dislike using "\".


  • CalibBypass: Dmitry Grinberg
  • PointerHack: Robert Gasparotto (Dana support: Garry Lancaster)
  • MyInstall: Alexander R. Pruss
  • YAHM: Igor Nesterov


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