Astraware Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

Originally created for PC and PlayStation®, and now available for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® handhelds, Broken Sword is the story of George Stobbart, an American tourist on vacation in Europe, who becomes embroiled in a terrifying conspiracy when he witnesses the theft of an ancient manuscript and the assassination of its owner.

The manuscript, created in the 14th century by the order of the Knights Templar, points to where their legendary power has been hidden for over six hundred years. Befriending a photojournalist, Nico Collard, the two find themselves on a global trail that ultimately reveals a deadly secret that will change their lives forever.

Can you solve the mystery of the Broken Sword?

  • Many hours of gripping gameplay
  • Cinematic look and feel
  • Immersive storyline
  • Interactive environments
  • Can you solve the mystery of the Broken Sword?

The Palm OS version is essentially a port of the GBA version, which also has various guides and reviews available.

Released in 2005 on Palm OS by Astraware.

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No registration information available. This version of the game has been patched to unlock all contents.


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Requires Palm OS 5 or greater, and a High-Res 320x320 display.

Broken Sword is not compatible with the following High resolution devices: Palm Tungsten T and Tungsten T2, Sony CLIÉ UX40, UX50 and VZ90.

Broken Sword is not compatible with Low resolution (160x160) PalmOS® devices such as: Zire 21, Zire 31, Z22, Tréo 600, or QVGA (240x320) PalmOS® devices such as: Qool QDA 700 and the PiTech W300.


1.0p Broken_Sword_1.00_Patched.zip7.7M

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