6th Gear - Ultimate Challenge

6th Gear - Ultimate Challenge for Palm OS - Enjoy the fastest driving action for your mobile device!


Stunning 3D rendered graphics Real-time scaled objects. Digitized sound and Quality music with our new sound engine! 5 Scenery's to choose from 6 Car skins with pre-set specifications Customize your own car including: Drag, Brakes, Grip, Mass Engine performance (Full torque curves!) Gear ratio's Cruise Control Other settings include: Weather conditions (Sun, Rain & Snow!) Difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard) Damage Control Fully customisable controls MPH or KMH display Auto or Manual gear shifting Includes 4 game modes: Practice mode Arcade mode One-on-one racing Circuit mode Saves Lap, Track and Circuit records, all resetable.. Checkpoints Car Damage Indicator with bonus repairs in Circuit mode! Realistic physics model with actual car specifications!


Use Keygen tm_6thgear.prc to get registration code.


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1.1 6thgearv1_1.zip1.4M
Keygen tm_6thgear.prc12K
1.3 6thGearV1_3.zip1.4M

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