ABC Viewer reads tunes in ABC format from the Memo Pad and displays the corresponding musical notation. It's not very complete (doesn't understand slurs, ties, beamed notes, clefs, key signatures, or songs longer ...

Your standard audio player


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A utilitarian little program to find the beats-per-minute of a song, your pulse, or whatever. Just start tapping and the program will quickly zoom into the average.

PocketC source code available courtesy of the author!

Full-featured music production app. Palm OS 5 device with audio output required.

Works great on hi-resolution and 480×320 devices!

BLFortunePatcher.prc will patch the copy of BL in internal memory to replace the movie ...

Botzam MIDIPlayer Deluxe is a MIDI file player that can play the System MIDI sounds on your Palm OS Device.

Note: Sometimes it will crash and you will need to soft reset your Palm.

DioPlayer for Palm OS is a FREE player for MP3 and WAV files, with an attractive and convenient user interface. Great basic alternative to Real Player, AeroPlayer, Pocket Tunes or MMPlayer.

In addition to the basic media player controls, ...

McChords will display the notes of sixty chords and forty-eight scales. It also has a four octave (six if your device has a collapsible graffiti area) playable piano with pitch pipe capability. The key and chord are selectable via onscreen buttons. ...

Microbe is an all-in-one electronic music studio for PalmOS© Handhelds.

It takes advantage of the computing power of the ARM-powered devices and of the advanced sound manipulation features offered by the OS 5.0 to generate live, cool, ...

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A music making application for the Tapwave Zodiac.