Winterdark is a topdown RPG created by Spillersoft in 2003. From the docs and searching the net, it appears that the company never had a website and this might be their only release.

Nor much information can be found on the web - Only the demo was found on Mobyware.

On my Zodiac, the game launches, but the game won't respond to any Zodiac control button or the touchscreen. The game also doesn't work if trying to rotate to portrait mode.

From Mobyware -

Wintersdark takes place in a land where man will in a few years be destroyed, leaving no trace of his former greatness. You take the role of a young solder charged with getting warning of the dark enemy's advance to the town of Homeswater. A RPG designed for the palm, by gamers, and cleverly not using the stylus so it can be played anywhere. A great adventure, and a classic quest in the palm of your hand.

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