Ruins of Ashkelon

A text-based, table talk-style role-playing game where you explore Ashkelon, the ruins of a lost ancient civilization. On the left side of the screen, you'll see the main window with status from top to bottom ("!" is displayed when there's a message following it), the status, items, abilities you have (selectable at the start of the game), and the bottom is the action selection. Select the action you can do at the place and press "Do!". The numbers on the right are Action Turns, Health, Strength (Str), Charisma (Chr), Agility (Dex), Exp, Junk (Junk, which can be collected to exchange XP), and Food (Food, you can replenish where food is available, but you have a maximum amount of food). You can increase these values by using skill points earned in battles, etc. The lower right of the screen shows the direction in which you can move, and only the direction in which you can move from N (North), W (West), E (East), S (South), U (top), and D (bottom). Compete for scores up to 1000 turns (bold numbers in the upper right corner of the screen). There are no flashy graphics, but it's pretty real as role-playing, such as being able to talk to people and getting sleepy over time.


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