Every file type transferred via IR or Bluetooth to a Palm PDA must be registered first to be handled correctly by a specific application. There are file types that come pre-registered on every palm device: .txt is registered to Memopad, .vcf to Address, etc. If Palm OS can't find an application to handle the incoming file, it will show an error message: "unknown file format" and will not receive the file.

The Receiveit application allows Palm OS handhelds to receive and store any type of file. The application accepts all documents and files from any device to an expansion card (or RAM) via Bluetooth or IR.

Receiveit can work as a catch-all solution, but can also manage which application should be the default for a particular file type.

It also includes a simple file manager for renaming, deleting, copying, moving, beaming files!


Download the patched .prc file for a version without the nag-screen.


A Palm OS powered v. 4.1 and above; An expansion card; An expansion slot. This application has been tested on Palm and Sony Clie

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3.1 oryg. receiveit3[1].1fp.zip660K
3.1 patch Receiveit.3.1.patched.PRC132K

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