Railroad is a form of solitaire also known as Russian Solitaire, one of the most challenging types of solitaire available. The object is to increase your score over time. Every time you deal, your score goes down 52 points. Every time you move a card to the foundation stacks, your score increases by 10. It’s challenging and addictive!

This software is freeware. Enjoy!

How To Play

The stacks above are called foundation stacks, and accept cards in ascending order by suit (starting with Aces). The stacks below are called layout stacks. You must stack the cards in the layout stacks in descending order by suit. For example, you can stack a 4 of hearts on top of a 5 of hearts. You can take a card from the middle of a layout stack and move it to another stack – it will take all cards below it as you go though! If there is an empty layout stack, you can move a king into that position. When you can, move cards from the layout stacks to the foundation stacks. You’ll get 10 points every time you do this.

Moving Cards

To move a card, simply double tap on it. If there is a place for it to go, Railroad will move it to the right spot immediately. Or if you prefer, tap on the card, then tap on the destination. Occasionally a stack will grow below the bottom of the screen. In this case, a scroll bar will appear. You can use the scrollbar to scroll the layout stacks or simply use the up and down buttons on your Palm.

Dealing the Cards

When there are no more moves, the screen will flash. You know then it is time to redeal. To deal the cards, select the menu item for Deal. For a shortcut, you can tap on the score to redeal. If you are fed up with your score and want to start fresh, select Reset Score from the menu.


Railroad keeps statistics on your games from the Stats… command. It keeps two groups of stats: overall stats, and stats since the last Reset Score.


With the Difficulty command you can select the dealing technique. Normal mode is default and includes “friendly deals”. Hard mode is totally random deals, as if you were playing with a real deck of cards.

Good luck and enjoy playing Railroad Solitaire!


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