powerOne Personal

PowerOne Scientific is a robust and fully featured Scientific calculator available for any Palm OS[TM] device. The program includes more than 200 useful features, such as advanced math, trig, boolean logic functions, and the ability to use algebraic entry for equations and calculations.

*Note - Palm OS version 3.1 or up is required to run this program, it says this when running it on 3.0

There are 3 files included, the main app itself, the MathLib library, and a registration Library. The powerOne Personal Full.prc is the application itself, MathLib.prc is required for math functions and p1PerLib.pdb is required to register the program.


Hotsync or copy the p1PerLib.prc file over to your device to bypass the 30 day trial.


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2.1.1 powerOne_Personal_Full.prc236K
1.1 MathLib.prc52K
1.0 p1PerLib.pdb4.0K

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