A Pokedex for Palm OS devices!

It's a brand new app for Palm OS coded in 2022-2023. It contains all 905 Pokemons and optionally, all their sprites! It's super convenient to use specially when playing the games from the DS/3DS era, as the same stylus you use on those consoles can be used on a Palm device.

You can search for a pokemon, read it's pokedex entry, see it base stats, and more importantly, check it's type resistances and weaknesses!

Oh, and it supports Palm OS 1.0 thru 6.1 and almost any screen size. Feel free to try it on some unusual devices and post a photo of it running in the PalmDB discord server :)

All source code and install instructions are available at Github.


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1.1 Palmkedex_V1.1.zip532K
1.2 Palmkedex_V1.2.zip620K
1.3 Palmkedex_V1.3.zip8.7M
1.4 Palmkedex_V1.4.zip8.7M
1.5 Palmkedex_V1.5.zip21M
1.0 Palmkedex_V1.6.zip24M

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