Palm TX WPA2 Enterprise Security Upgrade

By default, most WiFi-equipped Palm devices can only connect via insecure WEP or WPA authentication methods. However, Palm TX received an exclusive update to support WPA2 authentication. Dubbed the "Enterprise Security Upgrade", the update purports to enable only WPA2 Enterprise, but in practice, WPA2 Personal is also supported for most routers.

Note that your router must support 802.11b connections to be compatible with Palm TX. See the Palm Internet Connection guide for details.

Performing the upgrade requires an SD card. Copy the contents of the Palm folder from the upgrade .zip to the root directory of the card, so that you have two folders: SD:\Palm\Launcher and SD:\Palm\TXUpdate. Then, insert the card to your Palm TX and run the upgrade installer application.


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1.1 TXEnterpriseSecurity_UG.zip9.9M

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