Monkey Business

Become Chief monkey and help protect the other monkeys from the Wicked game hunters.

In this addictive game you play a monkey who has been promoted to Chief monkey in charge of keeping the baby monkeys safe away from the Wicked game hunters who have started to take over the jungle.

The monkeys are scared and have all hidden at the top of the trees where they think it is safe, Little do they know that the wicked hunters plan to float to the top of the trees with the help of balloons.

Your Job is to stop the hunters getting to the top by throwing your bananas at the balloons to pop them.

Game features include

  • 40 Fun Filled Levels
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Fully Animated Graphics
  • Scrolling Bonus Game on registered version
  • Hi Score Table

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by Ellams Software - Copyright © 2000 Paul Ellams


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