Logitech TypeAway & KeyCase Keyboard Drivers for Palm OS

Drivers for the Logitech TypeAway Ultra-Slim Folding Keyboard and Logitech KeyCase Wrap-around Keyboard

About the Logitech TypeAway Keyboard Ultra Slim Folding Keyboard for Palm - from Amazon

An ultra-slim, lightweight folding handheld keyboard that fits in a pocket. Responsive and comfortable keys enable fast data entry, and shortcuts give you instant access to applications. Moreover, its innovative design features a built-in-cradle with no batteries or cable required.

  • Ultra-slim, portable folding handheld keyboard
  • 63 responsive, comfortable keys for fast data entry
  • Shortcuts for instant access to applications
  • At about 5-1/4 ounces (150 grams), half the weight of other handheld keyboards
  • Folded dimensions: approx. 5-1/4in x 3-1/2in x 1/2in (134mm x 86mm x 12.4mm
  • Unfolded dimensions: approx. 11in x 3-1/2in x 1/4in (280mm x 86mm x 6.2mm)
  • Compatible with the Palm m125, m130, m500, m505, m515, i705, Tungsten W and Tungsten T handhelds

About the Logitech KeyCase All in One Keyboard & Case for Palm - from Amazon

It could be the only handheld peripheral you'll ever need: a wraparound keyboard and protective case for your Palm handheld device. Now you can quickly and easily enter data wherever you are: Just open the case to instantly access your handheld, then slide the SmartMotion cradle upright and you're ready to type. Features include:

  • Innovative design combines a keyboard and a protective case
  • Get easy, instant access your handheld
  • Instant typing with the SmartMotion cradle
  • Popular editing functions available at your fingertips
  • One-touch keys for quick access to your favorite applications
  • Unique pressure-sensitive scroller, enabling you to navigate quickly
  • Available in U.S., French and German key layouts
  • One-year warranty


Compatible with: Palm m125, m130, m500, m505, m515, i705, Tungsten W, Tungsten T -- likely also Zire 71, and Tungsten T2 and T3.

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TypeAway Kbd1_-_Ultra-Slim_Folding_Keyboard.zip108K
KeyCase Kbd2_-_Wrap-around_Keyboard_and_Case.zip184K
1.0 Logtech_TypeAway_Keyboard.iso12M
1.0 typeaway-folding-manual.pdf584K

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