Handspring Visor Prism & Platinum 3.5.2H1.5 Update

The HS Updater 3.5.2 v.1.5 for Visor Prism and Visor Platinum handhelds updates the Palm OS version to Palm OS 3.5.2H1.5. It incorporates the changes from previous updates, and fixes an issue that could cause a Fatal Alert with certain third-party software applications.

What does it do?

Improves the ability to recognize Graffiti characters.

Allows you to conduct a HotSync operation with your desktop computer using a communications module like the Modem.

Prevents a synchronization error. If you modified the Standard Modem, Direct USB/Serial or IR to a PC/Handheld configurations in the Connection screen of the Prefs application, you could cause a USB or IR synchronization error even though USB or IR synchronization had been working before.

Prevents a rare bitmap compression error that corrupted image data in compressed images.

Prevents a Fatal Alert ("blitter bug") that could occur when using certain third-party software applications.


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1.0 upd352H1_5.prc

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