Now you can have your very own guppie right on your Palm! Tap on the screen to make him move towards your stylus! Choose from 3 different types of fish, from a regular guppie, to a shark! You'll be sure to love your new Digi-Guppie and take the utmost care of it. I named my guppie exquisito :)

Currently, only v0.5 seems to be available. I couldn't find any earlier versions of it.


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0.5 dguppie.zip4.0K

Submitted on January 07, 2023 by

Hallo, I'm Ranma! Yep, that guy who draws and likes logos. I also like Palm devices! The only one I currently have is a PalmPilot. More specifically, the Professional edition. I'm looking forward to get an m515 eventually.. I absolutely love ...