Columbo - Colecovision for Palm OS

from original website: "Columbo is a freeware open source emulator of the Colecovision home game console from the early 1980's. Columbo is derived entirely from Marat Fayzullin's wonderful ColEm emulation.

As of the beta 002 release, Columbo requires an OS5 high resolution device with an expansion media card. I will likely build a mode soon so it can run on low res OS5 devices like the Treo 600. Its possible I'll build a mode so it can run without an expansion card, but for now it requires ROM's to be on expansion media.

Installation: For now its a bit basic, but the app is yet young. You'll need to have an expansion card (SD card, memory stick, compact flash, etc) to use the emu. - Install Columbo.prc to your device (wherever you want it to be) - After running Columbo (002 or later) at least once, you can just hotsync .rom files over to your expansion card. - You will need a Coleco BIOS ROM file; its usually called 'coleco.rom' and we're not going to help you find it. It has to be called 'coleco.rom' for Columbo and placed into /PALM/Programs/Columbo on your expansion card. - You put your Colecovision game ROMs in the same directory -- /PALM/Programs/Columbo. They're named 'something.rom', like dk.rom for Donkey Kong."

Goldfish's notes: I tested this on a Palm TX running Garnet 5.4.9. The main rom selection screen seems to be still active under the game, so pressing the screen can have unwanted effects. I couldn't find a dedicated button to exit the emulation. There might be a key for it.

Feel free to test more devices! I'm active on the discord.


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