Aardvark Antics

Can you help Arthur the Aardvark eat all the termites? You'll have to stamp on their mounds first to release them and then catch them with your tongue.

Watch out for the sneaky snakes and mutant spiders though, Touch these and you'll loose some energy.


  • Smooth animated graphics.
  • 20 Challenging levels.
  • Fun and Addictive gameplay
  • Works on Greyscale and Color organizers
  • Game Pad Support
  • High Score Table
  • 3 Difficulty Levels

How to Play?

In Aardvark Antics you play the part of Arthur, An extremely hungry Aardvark.

To survive you must locate and eat termites hiding in mounds underground. To navigate your way around the level use the configured ' left' and ' right' keys to move left and right, and the ' up' and ' down ' keys to make Arthur climb up and down the vines connecting the different platforms.

To make the termites run out of their mounds walk over the mounds, Arthur will then start jumping up and down to destroy the mound.

When you have destroyed the mound the termites will try to escape by running away. Run after the termites and push the 'tongue' key to eat them with your tongue.

You must eat quickly though as your energy is constantly going down and only termites will give you some more energy. And to make matters worse Snakes and Spiders will come after you. Avoid touching these at all costs.

To progress to the next level eat all the termites in all the mounds. If you manage to complete 3 levels in a row, You will receive an energy bonus.

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